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Financially Protecting Yourself From the Cold
Author: Lucas Jones
Source: Homes Discovered
Date: January 23, 2007
Recent cold fronts have swept the nation and turned places like Southern California and Phoenix into winter wonderlands.  Other parts of the country are experiencing ice storms (Dallas) and freak blizzards (Denver).  With heating costs already at a premium in Jacksonville, there are many different things you can do to avoid any other cold weather-induced financial burdens.

Know what's covered under your homeowners insurance.  In the unlikely situation where you may face burst pipes or a leaky roof, you want to make sure these things are covered.  If a tree falls on your home, you will probably have to cover the deductible but that should also be covered.  This is more of a precaution for people who don't want any freak financial emergency's popping up.

There are ways to protect your pipes from bursting.  If you keep the water faucet on just so that it drips a bit, with hot and cold water, that keeps water moving through the pipes and deters them from freexing up.  Also, you should keep the cabinets open that usually hide the pipes so that they can be exposed to warm air circulating your home.

To avoid any slipping on your driveway or walkways always have rock salt on hand.  This can prevent any injury claims that may occur from people slipping on your property.  The best way to keep your grounds ice-free is to lightly salt the grounds before it snows.
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