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Buzz Words Can Help Sell Your Home Faster
Author: Lucas Jones
Source: Homes Discovered
Date: February 1, 2007
In today's market where homes sit seemingly for ages waiting for a buyer, people are looking for anything to help them sell their home faster.  Everyone is looking for that extra something to help them sell faster.  Case studies have shown that utilizing the right copy, on average can help you sell your home much faster in Jacksonville.

In general, buyers are much more likely to be attracted to style over substance.  Creating listings or advertisements utilizing words that trump up the elegance of the home or general attractiveness will prime your home to sell faster than a listing pushing the home's price and value.

Homes that are described as "beautiful" sell 15% faster and for 5% more money while homes dubbed "good-value" sold for 5% less than average.  Also some word-play that people use is just insignificant.  Being dubbed a "must-see" has no impact on the time a home sells.  Listings praising the "landscaping" sell 20% faster and homes in "move in condition" are sold 12% faster.  Some words can even be detrimental.

Using language that tells how serious you are to sell can hurt the amount of time it takes.  Listings talking about the seller "moving" sell for 1% less and if a seller is "motivated" the home will sell for 8% less, on average.

What this all means is when making a listing, make sure the language used is well-written, minimizes blemishes, and eloquently describes the positive aspects of the home.  The listing language should be extravagent in order to stir up desire to see the home.
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